The Pumpkin Carriage

26 April 2019

With every piece comes a memory.

We’ve recently come across this picture and it brought back memories of what it took to make one of our most unique pieces. This is a ring with a captivating detail. A diamond set pumpkin carriage as the centrepiece setting.

This was an engagement ring that Ortwin made years ago for one of our customers. The story behind it is that a gentleman visited us and explained his partner’s love and intrigue for Fairy Tales, particularly one that we’re all familiar with… The mystical Cinderella. As the story goes, on her way to the the ball to meet her handsome prince, Cinderella was transported in a beautiful pumpkin carriage made by her Fairy Godmother.

Ortwin sat at his bench for hours and found a way to bring life to the concept, in a subtle way, so that the ring maintained beauty in all aspects. From the top of the ring, the theme appears to be less emphasised.

However, once you look at it from the side, you notice all the detail. We love the mystery that we are able to achieve in some of our pieces.

The ring had a little piece of our customer in it, and this is something which is very important to us as jeweller.

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