The Mokume Process

07 May 2019

Ortwin has recently been working on a ring that we have all been really excited to see the outcome of.

Every now and then, we like to get creative for our shop display so that we can have something interesting and beautiful for our customers to look at during their visit so that they can be inspired during the design process.

Ortwin wanted to make a Mokume Gane Engagement ring that would sit proudly in our window. As the story goes, to help the idea come to life, he chose a beautiful stone to go with it. A Tanzanian 0.51ct Diamond with a dazzle and sparkle which is quite remarkable.

For those of you that don’t know, Mokume Gane is a Japanese technique of producing layered patterns using different metals in contrast. This time, Ortwin used 18ct Rose Fairtrade Gold and 18ct White Fairtrade Gold. Before we show you the much anticipated final ring, we thought we’d show you a few behind the scenes shots of the making of the ring as it first come out of the kiln.


As the block comes out from the kilm, it is annealed shortly after.


Ortwin as he forges the block of Mokume Gane


The block is then filed to expose the pattern


What is now a strip of Mokume Gane, gets pushed through the rolling mill so that it becomes long enough to be bent into forming a band.


Ortwin hammering the ring into shape.

It’s hard to believe that any one of our pieces starts out so unrefined. Stay tuned for an update one what the ring looks like now!

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