Thank You for Donating!

01 May 2019

Maya’s Ghanaian host brothers, Vincent and his friend Uriah, have started their careers and our loyal customers helped them achieve this.

Last year we posted that Maya, who is Ortwin’s youngest daughter, went away to Ghana. She was hosted by a lovely family and met her host brother Vincent (an aspiring tailor) and his friend Uriah (an aspiring carpenter). Both were completing their apprenticeships at the time of her visit last year. But as the story goes, they needed help making a future for themselves by buying the necessary equipment to start their businesses in their respective fields.

With our help, Maya shared this with you all in the hopes that she could raise £1,600 to help Vincent and Uriah.  Some of you may know that we had a little piggy bank here in our workshop for our customers to be able to donate. Additionally, Maya made a silver African inspired bangle to be sold here in our workshop for the £500 proceeds to go towards her cause. The bangle was sold to one of our regular customers who wears the piece so beautifully.

We wanted to give a very big thank you to our customers for helping Maya raise £1154 so far. With your help, Vincent was able to buy tailoring equipment and has made incredible pieces, some using African printed fabrics.

Uriah bought carpeting equipment and has made many items including this beautiful detailed sofa.

They are both still perfecting their crafts everyday and are very grateful for the push in the right direction. It’s no doubt that Vincent and Uriah are creatively talented with a passion for designing and making. As jewellers, who work creatively, this is something that we feel a connection to.

Maya’s still aiming towards completing her goal and the piggy bank is still going if you want to donate any more.