The Silver Belt Buckle

05 March 2019

Once long ago we started a piece that was something both fresh and new for us. It was anything but what we usually make regularly here at Ortwin Thyssen Master Jewellery Makers.

After Ortwin gifted his eldest daughter a silver belt buckle which he made early last year, he thought that he would test it out for the shop and so he did. Once long ago, we had begun making a silver belt buckle here in our workshop but as time went by, the progress of the piece was paused. However, before Ortwin’s youngest daughter went away to Germany to complete her studies, she dug up the incomplete project and finished it so beautifully for us.

The belt buckle is silver, oxidised and textured.

At first, seemingly the pattern on the buckle appears to be an irregular pattern of no obvious meaning. However, taking a closer look, one may notice a distinct outline of a hare, amongst a mystery of background which is actually floral detail. The image created on the face of the buckle was inspired by Islamic patterns. The pattern was found in one of the books (Islamic Designs, by Eva Wilson) we have here in our workshop which Ortwin brought back home after a trip to Malaysia. In the Islamic culture, hunted animals are sometimes represented in art in a “conventionalised naturalistic style in the classic tradition”.

The piece can be custom finished to be worn with belts of different widths and different colours.

You’re all welcome to come and visit us to have a look at our new piece in our shop.