The Modified Cluster Ring

17 April 2019

Part of being a creative is that often we have to adapt classic engagement ring styles and turn them into something new.

A great example of this is a ring which Ortwin created for one of our customers, which was essentially a modified classic cluster ring. Though it doesn’t look like the classic interpretation, by definition it still is. It is a ring with a larger centrepiece stone surrounded by smaller stones of a similar weight to compliment the centrepiece and give the ring a grander look.

The ring is unique with its cluster created by the use of 16 princess cut diamonds all smaller than the larger round brilliant Diamond in the centre. The square shape of the ring gives it a bolder, almost geometric feel.

As per our consultation procedure, sometimes Ortwin likes to sketch an idea of what the ring might look like before it comes to life. This is only the beginning.

But in the end, it always turns into something beautiful

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