The Making Process

24 April 2019

Though we like to think all of our pieces are beautiful, the making process isn’t always quite as glamorous. In fact, as the process for creating an engagement ring commences, the end product is sometimes unrecognisable.

A classic engagement ring style that we do in different variations is the 6 claw setting. It involves the centrepiece stone being held within 6 claws which are pushed onto the stone. Every so often, Ortwin takes a few pictures of the progress and it’s always interesting for us and our customers to see how far the ring has come.

As the ring starts, it’s nothing but a strip of metal. It is passed throw the rolling mill so that it becomes long and thin enough to form a band of the engagement ring.

Ortwin can now begin forming and shaping the band.

There are many steps here and in between but of course, the most vital part of achieving the six claw setting ring is the actual setting. After the collect starts taking shape, Ortwin then cuts out the claws and makes sure that it can fit the centrepiece stone.

Many moments and steps later, the finally ring begins to take shape. It is only once the stone is setfinally the ring is polished that is starts to come to life.

A simplistic design, but it gives the stone prominence and priority. Truly an ever lasting ring.

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