Your Bespoke Engagement Ring Design

We believe that there is nothing more fitting to mark an engagement than a beautifully designed and traditionally hand-crafted Engagement Ring that is unique in every sense.

Complimentary Design

A Lasting Piece

No jewellery is more personal and significant, perfect and unique than when it is made especially for one person. Commissioning us to create your Engagement Ring is an exciting and memorable experience that results in a ring that is as authentic as it is individual. Our extensive portfolio covers so many designs and styles, some extravagant and some understated. From elegantly classic Diamond settings to rings comprising a symphony of Emeralds, Rubies or Sapphires in ornate and contemporary arrangements. Our designer, Rose, does not follow a particular house-style and instead wants to create a design that truly expresses your personality whilst conveying the joyous emotion of the moment. All aspects of the design, making and finishing take place in our own workshop on site at our beautiful shop. From the conception of the idea to forging and crafting by hand at the bench, stone setting and completion, your engagement ring will be the breath-taking culmination of your ideas and your partners’ personality Forged In Creativity.

The stages of an Engagement Ring commission are outlined below. Please contact us to arrange a complimentary Design Consultation with Rose, which can take place in our shop or online.

Personal Consultation

The process begins with a personal consultation with Rose. Come and meet with Rose so that she can get to know and understand the personality of the wearer in order to conceptualise a piece that suits a lifestyle, while expressing a persona. We can guide you through the experience by looking at existing rings, discussing style factors, considering metal colours and talk about how the engagement ring will fit with the wedding ring.

Bespoke Design

The design process is so exciting as it builds anticipation of what’s yet to come and is something we do together. Drawing on what we have learned through our consultation, Rose will sketch out the personal design, adding flare, character and colour. The completed ring, as well as aspects and different views, will be considered visually. This can be a moving time as we first see the piece developing on the page.

Stone Selection

The selection, shape, position and presentation of the gemstones is significant. Factors to consider include: the size of the Diamond; clarity; colour; weight; and the cut. Of course, not all Engagement Rings feature Diamonds, we have a wide selection of Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires as well as many interesting and unique gemstones. Seeing the precious gemstones is important as, coupled with the design sketch, this assists in visualising how the ring will look and feel.

Traditional Handmaking

Rose will share the design vision with the Master Goldsmith, her husband, AndrĂ©. This unique relationship between Designer and Goldsmith ensures absolute creative and emotional continuity. Traditional making methods at the bench, together with the use of the highest calibre materials, leads to an Engagement Ring rich in tradition and high in quality. We appreciate that this is an organic an emotional process which results in a perfectly designed and hand crafted ring unique to you – and you alone.

Presentation Of Your Piece

The final chapter is the presentation. We find this to be a most special moment and very rewarding experience. Our customers leave us with an Engagement Ring that is like no other and to which their personal connection could not be more significant.