Design & Commissions

Your story is like no other. We will design a piece that brings it to life.

Complimentary Design

All of our commissions end in a piece of art. An individual expression of personal ideas, passions and emotions. A lasting investment in jewellery that is well designed and artisan crafted to stand the test of time.

Commissions make-up the majority of our work and all of our jewellers are designer-makers who enjoy working closely with clients near and far. Our working practice, Design vom Handwerk, is routed in tradition. An ethical approach, sustainability and the widest choice of expected and rare precious materials are an important part of this. We enjoy reviving ancient methods, adding modern twists and trying new things. In particular, Mokume Gane (Wood-Metal), a little seen technique, is something we are known for. It all happens within the four floors of our period shop, in the shadow of Canterbury Cathedral.

Every commission begins with a complimentary Design Consultation – your opportunity to meet a jeweller, in-person or online, and explore ideas. Find out more.