Commissions Gallery

Here is a very small selection of previous personal commissions by Ortwin, designed and traditionally hand-crafted in our Canterbury workshop.

We have an entire portfolio of designs you can look through in store. Even better, is to sit with Rose and you will see ideas flowing onto the page as emotions and personal character traits are captured in the expressive lines of her drawings. Once you are delighted with the design, Rose will share the creative vision with André. He will call on his many years of experience at the bench. Transforming the original idea from the page to reality, by beginning to forge and sculpt it as the workshop becomes filled with sounds of craftsman’s artistry as the metal takes shape. Your jewellery is authentically hand-crafted at every stage by traditional methods. It is brought to perfection in a simply beautiful, and often breath-taking, piece that is as individual as you are.

Every commission begins with an idea and we invite you to a complimentary Design Consultation. This is your opportunity to meet with Rose, in-person or online, and explore ideas. Find out more.

If you have a design idea, or would like us to create one for you, arrange a Design Consultation to bring it to life.