Fairtrade Gold



We are licensed to use Fairtrade Gold.

The Fairtrade Foundation makes sure that safe mining practices are introduced and that miners receive the Fairtrade Price and Premium. This helps to support the development of the communities of the mining cooperatives, in places such as Peru.

As a result of the limited number of Fairtrade certified mines, with their better working conditions, there is a limited supply of Fairtrade Gold available worldwide. We therefore recommend its use for important and special commission pieces such as Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings.

We are proud to support the important work of Fairtrade International and to offer our customers an ethical, small-scale alternative to mass-production gold mining.

As you can imagine, Fairtrade Gold has a higher monetary value.

All of our Fairtrade pieces are stamped with the Fairtrade Stamp representing the FAIRTRADE Mark, imprinted by the assay office. Our Flo-Cert number is: 35588