Meet Our Team

Rose Citton

An accomplished and naturally creative designer, Rose is our passionate front of house. Her career began at one of the most celebrated jewellery houses in Pretoria, South Africa. Here she studied Gemstones, Diamonds and Pearls whilst designing a fascinating array of pieces for international clients. For more than thirty years Rose’s unique ability to collaborate and get close to clients, coupled with her flare and in-depth knowledge of the history, materials and craft, has resulted in a wonderful cornucopia of jewellery designs.

André Viljoen

An Award-Winning Master Goldsmith, André is a true artisan and has spent his entire working life at the bench. From his initial apprenticeship, at the same Pretoria jewellery house as Rose, he has honed and developed the ancient skills he was taught by an uncompromising Master Jeweller. During his career he has hand-crafted jewellery, time pieces and even ornate cutlery. André is perfectly placed to translate Rose’s ideas into authentic, stunning works of art. He is known for his signature precision and flawless finish.


Rose & André’s beloved pet and self-appointed Head of Security! Dash is very friendly and likes to greet all customers who visit our shop.