About Thyssen

We design and traditionally hand make fine jewellery, exclusively in our unique shop just a stone's throw away from Canterbury Cathedral.

Design vom Handwerk

Authenticity is everything. ‘Design vom Handwerk’ (‘Design by Craft’) is the Thyssen ethos and is the quality that marks out our jewellery. It can be traced back to Ortwin’s apprenticeship under a Master Goldsmith in Meunster, Germany. Here he learned at the bench and was trained in the art of traditional jewellery making. Historically, jewellery was designed and made from raw materials in single artisan shops, using the training, tools, techniques and talents of a small master team. This method ensured individual, well-made pieces crafted without any loss of integrity. This ‘art of the maker’ is not something you will find in many jewellers today. ‘Design vom Handwerk’ is our continuation and interpretation of this time-honoured practice. Everything we do is original, no precast off the shelf components. As much as possible is made in-house including our own Fairtrade gold and white gold alloys. Only the highest quality precious materials feature in our jewellery. All pieces are designed by us, made by hand at the bench, in our own workshop from start to finish, using traditional and ancient techniques combined with modern developments. The design flare and skill of our makers coupled with the character and quality of traditional making results in jewellery that is authentic both in how it looks and how it was made. We treasure the rich aesthetic and historical narrative that is weaved into every piece.

We invite all customers to visit our shop to see the jewellery first-hand and meet our friendly team. Customers are central to our work and we pride ourselves on giving a very personal service. We feel lucky and privileged to have such important work.