About Our Jewellery

We creatively design and traditionally hand-craft one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery in our workshop which is situated next to our shop, just a stone’s throw away from Canterbury Cathedral.

Forged In Creativity

Ortwin Thyssen Design Ltd trading as André Rose Master Jewellery Makers is the inimitable creative partnership of Husband and Wife,  Goldsmith and Designer , André Viljoen and Rose Citton.

As a Designer with an in depth knowledge of Gemstones and Diamond grading, Rose loves to combine ideas and inspirations in colour and flowing movement. She possesses a unique way of getting to know each client personally, ensuring design commissions truly capture elements of their personality and convey emotion.

This is the ideal complement to André, an Award-Winning Master Goldsmith, who has over thirty years experience at the bench. His close relationship with Rose allows him to fully appreciate her creative vision. He takes the piece from the page and brings them to life with balance, harmonious form and enduring beauty.

André and Rose were schooled by a German Master, just like the original founder Ortwin Thyssen, in the ancient practices of the traditional jewellery maker. Over the last four decades they have sought to continue and hone this art. Combining their talents and bringing originality and authenticity together. All pieces are designed and hand-crafted in-house. We use the finest and highest-quality materials to ensure that they stand the test of time.

We pride ourselves in the signature beauty, variation, perfection and precision of our jewellery. Welcome. Visit our shop to experience our work first-hand. If you have a design idea you would like to explore, please contact us to arrange a Design Consultation. We feel incredibly blessed to work together and be trusted with such valuable work.

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