Bespoke Jewellery Design

Commissioning a design is an exciting opportunity to create something just for you that captures and expresses personality in a statement piece that is like no other.

Design Consultation

Crafting Your Piece

Made to order pieces are particularly moving as they represent the collaboration between our customers and jewellers, in a piece that is distinctive and valuable in many ways.

Our approach to design is as individual as our customers. When it comes to the style of your piece, we will create something that is uniquely yours. The Thyssen signature can be found in the character of the jewellery and the way it is crafted. We describe this as ‘Design vom Handwerk’ (‘Design by Craft’) and it refers to our belief and practise in traditional jewellery design and making by hand, at the bench, in our own shop. Customers can be sure that the highest quality materials and precious stones, from ethical and reputable sources, are combined in every piece. This ensures authentic, beautiful and well-made jewellery that stands the test of time.

Whilst each piece is different, there is a common journey. We believe that fully involving the customer throughout serves to elevate the piece and deepen the connection. This begins with our Design Consultation Service, when we get to know you and you get to know us. We will discuss your ideas, think about what suits your lifestyle, consider styles of jewellery and review our wide selection of Diamonds and Gemstones. As part of this process we will design and sketch your piece.

Your personal design is brought to life during the making. At this time we may invite you to view your jewellery, albeit in a raw state, to see how the story is unfolding and experience the crafting first-hand.

The final visit to collect your piece is a special and rewarding experience, when you leave with an individual piece that encapsulates your story.

Find out more about our Design Consultation Service and arrange a consultation. Alternatively, please contact Ella at our shop.