Agate Bead Chain – Julia’s Favourite Piece

12 May 2017

sketch pic 1

full view pic 3

Julia simply adores this unorthodox bead chain. Rich in natural character there is also an archaic grandeur and unexpected design feature at the very heart of the piece.

The simple boldness of the Agates draws her eye, fascinating with earthy rich colours and dynamic patterns unique to each stone. The variation in bead sizes and visual texture creates an interesting composition, it is as if the planets of a distant galaxy have delightfully aligned!

Spacer pic 6

An 18ct Yellow Gold, with a warm rosy tone, was chosen to compliment the Agate colouration. The spacers provide additional interest with their inset cabochon cut Garnets, enhanced by the surrounding delicate milgrain detail.

However, Julia is particularly taken with the unusual design feature. In this piece the clasp, traditionally treated as the least significant element, takes centre-stage. Designed to be seen, it comprises of two glistening Garnets and has an affinity to historic Anglo Saxon jewellery, characterised by the labyrinthine interlocking form.

making pic 2

clasp pic 5

For Julia, the combination of the antique design features and natural appearance with the contemporary treatment of the clasp culminates in a visually and conceptually remarkable piece.

side view pic 4